Keeping fit during the confinement

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The key to recovering your game

If you are fortunate enough to have some space to exercise, even if it is only with a net, now is a great moment to work on yor fundamentals. Grip, stance, alignment..etc, but lets not forget about keeping ourselves fit. Now thrashing balls all day against a net will by no means compensate for that 8 to10 kilometre walk that you have been used to doing, maybe a couple or three times a week if your fortunate, while playing your routine 18 holes.

So i would concentrate on various things that go beyond just your typical calory burning work out.

1. Stretching; keep suple and if you can gain even more flexibility even better. Find yourself a morning routine and try to take benefit of all of this free time to create the habit.

2. Balance control; it doesn´t have to be your yoga masterclass your looking for here but simple balance control exercises that will help your game no end in the future. Pilates would probably be the most complete and beneficial activity to help improve your golf swing.

3. Cardio; some short 10 to 15 minute cardio sessions are more than enough if you do them on a daily basis. if you are not a big work out fan with some jumping jacks, press ups and a few abs exercises will probably be enough to burn those calories and get your circulation going. Try not to fall into heavy training routines that you won´t be able to maintain later when life gets back to normal. Your body will suffer from those big contrasts.

Getting your game back in shape

Now if you can keep your body fit, or come out of this even fitter, it may also be a great moment for you to get a few refreshing golf lessons before you move back into your old groove and bad habits. After a long spell off, for whatever reason, we all seem to lose a great deal of ¨muscle memory¨. We have all had that feeling when we haven´t played for a while that its like we are holding the club and swinging for the first time. Everything feels a little uncomfortable and awkward and the muscles just done seem to coordinate as normal.

That is the ideal moment for any player, amateur or profesional, to make a reset or major improvement in his/her swing. The brain and body are more open to new sensations and instructions as the auto pilot has been temporarily reseted.

If you simply go back to your old routine and exercises your body will start to recognize those old, not always good, sensations throughout the swing and indefinitely in a short space of time you will probably go back to your old technique and trouble.

Now if you were happy with your swing befor the break by all means recover everything posible but lets be realistic, before the break didn´t you think that you may have had space for some improvement. im sure you did and now is the time, dont let the oportunity pass.

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