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   ..........After several years of profesional  competition i found a great interest in the teaching side of the game and have been devoted to that aspect of the game for many years, for over a decade now directing  the Steve Scott Golf Academy in the Torremirona Golf Resort in the north east of Spain.

  Golf has given me so much over the years and nothing is more gratifying than to see others enjoying the game as they improve through my instruction. That satisfaction is  what has inspired me to create this complete digital platform and reach out to as many players as posible worldwide to share my experience, knowledge and passion for the game. My ultimate goal is to create a community of keen golfers of all ages and levels that really want to improve their game and have a great time doing it. The platform goes beyond only the tuition of the game and i hope to provide interesting content in all aspects related. To acomplish this i will need at all times as much feedback as posible from all of you. Your doubts, your interests, your comments and most of all a constant feedback of your improvement. 

   Steve Scott.                                                   PGA profesional



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